What I Miss About Spring

I sit here amid an absolutely dreadfully awesome Winter Storm, the likes of which has not been seen in some time in the Portland area, looking fearfully outside as the winds howl at about 40MPH and the temperature drops to a not very robust 18 degrees. The snow is coming down sideways, lol. It’s one of those paralyzing storms where they have closed major highways. Then, to top all that off, the winds will shift to the East and meet this wet warm front later tonight, making the most righteous Ice Rain possibility – to top all the snow off. Fact – I am not sure I have seen worse conditions.

Remember this picture anyone?

How about now?

Or This (borh taken from the local news):

That gives an idea, but that was yesterday! Today, it really came.

I just walked outside briefly and it took my breath away. It made me think of some of those things I miss the most about warmer weather and, especially, the advent of Spring. This is more what I am looking for:

Portland is so much nicer in the Spring! I admit it, I am a wimp! Give me a white dogwood tree, Maestro! Something lush for these cold and blustery Winter nights.

I’ll even take a rose!

Thank you all. I feel better now.

3 thoughts on “What I Miss About Spring

  1. The frozen waterfall looks beautiful. In Jasper, when the waterfalls freeze solid, you can go ice wall climbing (with climbing gear). However on the roads, ice creates chaos. I hope you don’t have to commute over the next while.

    My conifers look pretty when layered with snow, but at – 30 C (-22 F) in Edmonton, I’m doing more of the admiring with my nose pressed against the window pane than outside.

    Now that we are at the solstice, your spring blooms are not that far away.

  2. Philip is a real wise guy, I knew it. 😉 Funny, I was just thinking about Aptos and Santa Cruz, Philip, and maybe visiting my bestest friend down there. He’s a teacher at Aptos High. The Bay Area remains my vision of Paradise.

    Northern Shade, you’re going to have to give me your name some time. LOL, I spent lots of time looking, too. Do you do that on purpose? I love your blog, particularly your page dealing with your plants. I am also a big perennial lover.

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