Cherry Blossoms In Spring

Apr284.JPG   Here’s a NorthWest look, a project we did in Vancouver, British Columbia just prior to the World’s Fair there.  These are all Shirotae Cherries, gorgeous when in bloom and we just barely missed it, picture-wise.  Nevertheless, I love the look of the blossoms on the ground.  We planted them densely, making a literal grove out of them.  Believe it or not, there is a basement parking lot under this stand of trees.

One thought on “Cherry Blossoms In Spring

  1. Thanks, Anat. Actually, no fruits, lol. These were strictly ornamental cherry trees. I know, that seems disappointing to some but, for a commercial project, at an apartment building such as this, cherries or almost any fruit, can be more of a pain than a benefit. Who gets them and who cleans them, lol, is the perennial question.

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