Vancouver Apartments

April2811.JPGThis site is also provided in another section of this blog, under Northwest Landscaping/Commerical.  This is the same project, just another location within it.  We made the walls from Railroad Ties, using an immense quantity. Very satifying, if laborious, work.  The pictures here are about 8 years following completion. 

2 thoughts on “Vancouver Apartments

  1. Hey man appreciate the kind words. Your blog looks great as well, although admittedly I am neither a gardening nor landscaping aficionado. Hope all is well in NV, and go Cards.


  2. LOL, dam right! Go Cards! LOL, for those who don’t know, I am a University of Louisville Cardinal fan. I post on various boards from AOL to and read the Louisville rag almost daily for sports news. Hey, everyone has an addiction!
    Thanks, Mike. Appreciate your comments, hugely. I try an update every couple or three days and have a lot of material to place yet. Stop by often.

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