Music Interlude Again

I have been very involved in other projects recently and not up to my normal snuff writing in here. I plan on a big irrigation set of posts next and have begun them, to that end. In the meanwhile, I watched an interesting bank robber and cops movie recently, starring Denzel Washington and the new – to me – but very interesting Clive Owen. The movie is called “Inside Job” and it has a number of interesting twists. Anyway, I so enjoyed it, I hung around for some of the closing credits and this really interesting song came up. I listened very raptly, all the way through it and was disappointed when it ended. I got carried away elsewhere and forgot about it until recently.

I vaguely remember noticing it repeated what sounded like “Chaya Chaya”, so I typed that in at Youtube and it directed me right to this song. I had no idea it was a big hit over in India and elsewhere or that a video would have been made of it, but I was delighted to see it. As it played, I enjoyed the song as much as the first time I heard it – entertaining, lively with a great beat and good chorus, very catchy and pleasing. The video is OK, too, although distracting with all the hips, lol. I called it “19th Century Disco Dancing In A Pleasantly Hazardous Environment”, I think. But the song is the thing that drew me originally. See if you like it:

2 thoughts on “Music Interlude Again

  1. This is surely something different! I like it. I know what you mean about the hips, though. Very distracting. 😉 I’d just listen with my eyes closed, but I like the scenery. I endured hips to see everything else! hahaha Thanks for sharing! This is exactly how I discovered Katie Melua. Go to, I think it is, and listen to her “9 Million Bicycles,” or any other of her songs. Fantastic!

  2. I plan to listen to this when I’m on highspeed someplace where I don’t need headphones (the library doesn’t like it when you play music, very close-minded). I’m impressed at your musical research skills and will take note of how you found this. I’ve also had the experience of really loving a tune from a movie, and being driven to find it. I’ll also check out your recommendation, JulenaJo.

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