Irrigation – What Is It And Who Needs It?

Gardening season is right around the corner. I know of some folks who have already got some “starts” going on bedding plants and garden veggies and who await Spring’s advance like tigers waiting for prey. As soon as the sun comes out – BAM! – on go the clogs.

For landscapers, it’s always the time when people make the call, asking when they should turn on their systems or to hire someone to come out and perform that feat for them. In many cases, restarting irrigation systems can be elaborate and mistake-prone, especially if newer firms or people are doing the work. In other cases, a couple of switches get hit and they are off.

But that’s for those who have systems.

Who Should Have an Irrigation System?

It’s a perfect question. It is also actually pretty easy to answer:

Anyone who gets tired of hauling around hoses and who feels trapped by the labor of having to supply water to gardens and lawns they have at home.

Anyone who puts off a vacation because the neighbors admit they are finally tired of coming next door every day to monitor and water your garden.

Anyone who puts off a vacation or a night out because of their garden.

Anyone who over waters, who forgets those hoses running or who watches half of what they applied running off the lawn and down the street. This latter issue, my friends, gets expensive.

Anyone who wants to save some money over the long haul.

Anyone who worries that water is a dwindling resource.

A well-designed Irrigation System releases one from the trapped and the sometimes expensive feeling of all the above.

How Can An Irrigation System Improve My Life?

If you are the proud – or even semi-proud – owner of a plot of land that grows things, then you probably spend at least some time watering. In most cases, there is supreme enjoyment of laying on water manually – holding the hose in your hand and feeling nurturing and attentive to your garden plants. The issue is not to take this pleasure away. The issue is far more oriented to things like time and efficiency.

The light spraying of lawn and garden sprinklers or the subterranean applications from drip irrigation emitters directly to your plant roots are designed to apply the most efficient possible applications of water in the most efficient time frames you can design. It allows a perfect world, really. The history of irrigation has been written by players of the game. It has evolved now into an art form that merely advances in minute ways, having been somewhat perfected, much like computers, for hands-on pleasure and ease of use.

It is now possible to literally go away and come back later to an abundant garden without the rigamarole of all that hands-on effort. For those who like to travel – or who need to – having an irrigation system performs an important task:  It lets you garden.

I told you it was simple.

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