Bubble Rocks Washoe Home

SA400244.JPGThe warm morning sun greets these hard working, 3 billion year old guys as they endure another incarnation as bubble rocks and attractive water feature figurines in a gorgeous patio corner. The water gurgling out of the top of the rocks makes a delightful sound coursing down the rock faces, then hitting the rocks and water table below.  The water also has the tendency to bring out the hidden colors of these gorgeous specimens, showing the colorful veins and mineral deposits inside in a glossy bas relief.

It was obviously somewhat early in the construction process when this was taken, although they were set following the pavers.  No visible mulch and some very young plants surround the base.  To the best of my recollection, we had not yet added the drip irrigation lines servicing the plants, nor applied the rock and soil mulching above. For what it’s worth, the carnations were a thrilling and colorful addition for Summers to come, getting large enough to thin the second year.  The Weeping Blue Atlantic Cedars have come along most gracefully as well, providing a gorgeous natural backdrop for these very dark-colored stones and an interesting light-colored contrast as a backdrop.

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