8 thoughts on “Some Time Lapse Pics – 2 Cherries in Portland

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing — we’re a full month away from the spectacular display of apple blossoms here in the Annapolis Valley, so it’s lovely to see your gorgeous blooms.

  2. Thanks Nancy. As dreadful as I felt our Winter was, I guess we don’t have it so bad out here after all. This has been pretty cool. This is the first year I really chose to indulge photographic urges. I am glad you liked them.

  3. I love the sight of cherry trees blooming on balmy bright spring days. They bloom here too now! Interesting to take time-lapse pictures like that.
    I enjoyed the last post about paving the patio. Even though I nearly coughed when I saw the cutter, remembering how must dust they produce. Hope you are doing well Steve and enjoy the Spring!

  4. Thanks, Niels. Wow! Good to see you again.

    On the saw, we keep water running full time just because of the dust. It’s actually a great job when it’s hot outside, it keeps you real cool.

  5. Steve, I really like the change in the lighting on the tree in the first few images, and to see it breaking into bloom is gorgeous. My Baby plum tree gave us a nice, small display. And the old apricot had at least a dozen flowers on it this year. Neither looked anything like your photo. That’s a spectacular one!

  6. Well, James, most of my successes in picture-taking are dumb luck. The digital camera can sure make a semi-pro out of an animal. Just the same, I tried to catch it in all sorts of weather – which we certainly have here. Thanks for your kind words. Know, also, you pay for such a Paradisical life down in San Diego with a pretty meager Spring. It serves you right to suffer! 😉

  7. Thanks, Sue. I have always loved them myself. What’s happening now are my second most faved blooms – the Crabappeles. I’ll put some of them up soon.

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