Paver Patterns

Doug and Ed 0291.jpgHere’s a great example of one of many options in terms of laying patterns of brick pavers. We were able to bend the “flow” in a sort of “running bond” pattern utilizing a break to the right and yet a different direction. The effect is a comfortable slow “S” curve which captures something along the lines of motion.

And, yes, this is the same house with the “Romanesque” Grotto and the formal entry. In fact, it is the same house which had the ‘Infinity Edge’ water feature as well. If you look to the far right in the picture, you can just barely make out the rear edge of the pond. These folks had a laundry list of items they wanted to implement, lol, and it was nice and long. We were there pretty much forever. And we did at least 5 neighbors homes that I can remember too. It was one of those neighborhoods that we “could not get away from”. Don’t worry, as a business, I loved that.

The picture taken here was absolutely immense. If you click the picture twice, you can see what I mean and get some pretty splendid details.

Bo and Sandy, if you guys read here, I hope you’re still enjoying it all as much as you were.

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