Musical Interlude – Manitas de Plata – With Dali Added

I’m recirculating this one. I have added an extra treat below, complete with the live and red hot Salvador Dali. 😉

I absolutely adore this guy. To me, he is the greatest guitarist who ever lived. Born in a Gypsy Gitano caravan in southern France, Manitas de Plata became famous for his guitar work at a young age. Upon hearing him play in 1964, Pablo Picasso is said to have exclaimed “that man is of greater worth than I am!” and proceeded to draw on the guitar. An American manager obtained a booking for him to play a concert in Carnegie Hall in New York in December 1965.

In New York, Manitas de Plata, who was illiterate, represented Europe at the yearly gala of the United Nations.

He still tours and he is one of the fathers of the Gipsy Kings, a fabulous group of musicians enjoyed the world over. This is a bit long, but it does not take long to get a feel for his tremendous gift. Enjoy!

As promised:

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