Musical Interlude – Joe Zawinul 1932-2007

Just a quick break from all the irrigation and blooming talk for a look at someone I always felt deserved a wider audience.

Joe Zawinul won Best Keyboardist in the Jazz magazine “Down Beat”, 30 times. A young prodigy who came to the US to learn music at the Berklee School of Music, he was told he was already so good he needed to “Go out and play for a living.”.  He soon joined Cannonball Adderly, then wrote for Miles Davis and then formed the groundbreaking band Weather Report, with Wayne Shorter.

Joe liked melody and he liked his music up beat. He was a serious experimenter with electronics as this clip shows. But what he loved best was a red hot band he could play with. Famous for a world beat sort of lyrical weirdness – just try to figure any of the languages sung here – even the voices are instruments, including the lady in this song who began with Zap Mama. He always played with the best in the business and they enjoyed working with this hero of mine.

This song is insanely upbeat. The youtube synch here is bad but I really don’t care. The music wins this race – and it does cook. Enjoy, Joe Zawinul, a giant in music. Here’s what a 75 year old bopster does. 😉

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