Random Things – Walls, Pavers, Walkways and Patios

I just got my scanner fixed and find myself with a new source of showing literally hundreds of pictures from old projects. It’s pretty exciting to me. I’m just going to post some pictures of some of these sites and let them sort of stand in their own. Most were my own designs and all – I guarantee – are my own installs, just some for other businesses.

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Tumbled Paver Patio, Rock Walls

This was a wall system or two we built using the local rocks from excavations on site. It was freshly taken, pretty much upon completion, so the plants are as yet undeveloped in this picture. However, I sort of prefer this look for purposes of the walls themselves. Yes, they will be pretty much hidden as time goes on, with cascading plants we put near their tops. This was the bottom section of a hidden area we built for a huge project. There is a cascading waterfall 90 degrees to the right, with a pond, which takes the water from this:

The patio and walls are directly below this, on virtually the same line. The Infinity Edge pool send water over that cement edge into a collector which puts it into a waterfall, then recirculates it back up. Again, the look of the foreground are tumbeled (antiqued) pavers.

Two Vastly Different Pathways

Here’s a look catching this project at its very best, in the early Fall. The walk is paved in with Stamped and Colored Concrete. It courses all the way across this back yard which also has a waterfall and creek. Notice also the limited amount of lawn. It is there really for the color contrast, more than anything else. This project was done near Lake Tahoe. This is rather formal compared to the next one:

Now, compared to this one, the difference is obvious. We were able to put together a walk from small pieces of basalt because the purposes of each are different. The cement walkway can support such things as high heels and bare feet because it is sort of ensconced in the middle of “party central”. The one below, meanwhile, is most private and intimate and I think its informality is beguiling for that. It is also very, very simple. Notice a nice place to sit, right on a basalt column:

And around the side to the food and flower garden for this retired couple with walls constructed from pressure-treated 6 x 6’s:

A Vineyard and Firepit

Yee Hawwww! We were able to find an old antique buckboard wagon to give a real Western look to this place. It is the same place with the cement walkway above and this is at its basic terminus. Note the origins of a vineyard. We planted about 5o grape plants there and they have absolutely thrived:

And this is the same place, only closer to where the walk terminates in the other direction. The enlarged area is perfect for tables and chairs and is a great place to warm oneself in the cool evenings hard by Lake Tahoe:

Hey, Hand Me That Tree, Mark!

Here is a one ton tree. This is the business end of about a 16′ foot high Sequoia. It is typical, in many ways, of a scale we love operating at. Having big trees immediatel-planted is a basic dream. It gives any project an already-lived-in look. I show this end just because it deserves a look. It’s fun. And don’t plant this at home…………….not without a big machine!  😉

That’s it for today!

2 thoughts on “Random Things – Walls, Pavers, Walkways and Patios

  1. As ever, your stonework is inspiring, I particularly like the terraced curving walls and the basalt-bit walkway. I also just enjoy the inside story on how all these things go together.

  2. Thank you, Ms Pomona. I think of all the things I have done, the rock work is somehow the most satisfying. I began working with planes earlier on………….using rocks to sit or walk on………..and realized what the overall effect was becoming. I liked it.

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