A Front Yard in a Subdivision

SA400019.jpgSteve and Libby enjoy this front yard immensely, although their real fun is out back with their large patio and small water feature.  This front has abundant perennials planted all around and a small tricking bubble rock at their entrance.  These are delightful people who were a joy to work with.

5 thoughts on “A Front Yard in a Subdivision

  1. I like the layout here, however, won’t the Blue Atlas get a little bit big for that spot?

  2. Hey, Bama. LOL, it may. Bear in mind, Nevada is so dry. There are small microclimates even inside Reno where the Blue Atlas grow enormous. I’ve planted some big transplants. But there is some “miniaturization” going on. So actually, the nasty soil makes it easy to keep that way. Add wind, by the way.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. lol

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