Music Interlude – Pops Staples

One of the true benefits of having your own blog is that you can pretty much do whatever the heck you want. Notice, I don’t rant on politics or even the sports I follow as a fan and participant. But I love sharing music. On a strictly personal basis, sure, it shows something about me, but that is also a part of the blogging game. Why not? A little soul never hurt anybody. There’s enough real work I have done in here to merit a change of pace. Rocks and roses are great. Sometimes. But music is always great – all the time.

I love this guy. I have always been a big Staples Singer fan – great blues/gospel music of a very American sort. But Pops brings something extra to the game, in my opinion. I am even going to place 2 videos in here – something new for me. I realize it;s asking a lot for someone to have to wade through a couple of videos, so maybe you can return and catch the second one sometime. The first is from a cute movie: “True Stories”, by David Byrne featuring an all star cast and some hilarious vignettes of American Midwestern life, featuring weird stories from US tabloids.  In this video, Pops has been called in to help a poor heart-broken lady who refuses to leave her bed until her beau shows up to rescue her. He applies some voodoo to the problem. The second one is just Pops, solo. The German Subtitles are cool, too.  😉

With David Sanborn on “Night Music”:

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