Pavers, Phase 6

SA400189.jpgHere’s the look with sand over the top of our work.  The sand also provides a sort of “lubricant” for the plate tamper we use to compact with. It can, at times, abrade the bricks, making some scuff marks with its repeated hammering with a steel plate hitting bricks, so we always use a this layer of sand to cushion it, while the sand gets distributed between the cracks.

2 thoughts on “Pavers, Phase 6

  1. The project looks fantastic.

    One solution to the scuffed paver issue you mention is to use a urethane pad on the bottom of your compactor. Most manufacturers offer them for their different models. They can be a little pricey ($200-$400), but it’s better than having to explain (and/or replace) scuffed pavers in a brand new paver patio.

    Have a successful 2007!

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