Musical Interlude: The Zimmers

The Zimmers – per se – are an English band who do some really good covers of tunes. But as a social phenomenon, they are something else entirely. Uncharacteristically, I have included a number of videos here, but I think you’ll get a sense of why as they unfold. This stuff is very well-done.

The “My Generation” video was an instant hit on the viral network. I post it here because they remind us of what fun is. I like that they are so enthusiastic about their “shot at the big time” – like they care. This is joy in action, in my opinion, complete with a one finger salute the 101 year old fellow seems so enamored of.  😉  The irony of such a selfish generational-exclusive tune is mighty thick here – hilarious stuff, you have to agree.

The second  embedded Youtube video features a 96 year old stud who was once an iron-worker in downtown New York City singing with a gal made famous on another video or two by the Zimmers, included below. What the Zimmers have done was to rouse up an old folk’s home in beautiful downtown London and make them sing songs to a rock accompaniment. The fun they have is now somewhat legendary. There have been over a million views of this particular video and far more at the “My Generation” and the zany “Firestarter” video I have included, which covers an electrified Trance Band, including wild make up and punked-out seniors. These guys really rock – and I am speaking of the oldsters!

My Generation!!

When You’re Smiling:

FireStarter: (watch out!!)

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