Gardening and Landscaping Forum For Sale

I partnered up with my Israeli friend Annette a few years ago to construct and try to run a gardening and landscaping forum together: It was fun, actually but we are now pretty finished with it and are looking to sell it to an interested party.

It actually went great guns for a bit but then it became nearly too much to operate owing to the hard times I was facing in trying to keep my business alive. The time constraints and demands of that time were just not allowing an online life. As in anything, once you lose focus, it tends to lose memberships and momentum. We have kept it around for a while out of sheer sentimentality but even going there any more tends to depress me – who had all that fun with it when it was a going concern. It just wasn’t in the cards, bottom line.

So we’re offering it for sale here:

You can make a private bid and no one outside of us will know who made it. For what it’s worth, I would be willing to help with the transition, or even more as time rolled on. It does have my stamp all over it, but everything there becomes the property of the new owners, articles, pictures, the whole deal. It is a vBulletin software, well-known as one of the best forum compilations. It is exceptionally easy to operate.

I’m just tossing it out there for those who might consider a venture like that. I would far prefer it be someone who understands how I love the trade and my fellow dirt people, lol.

You can also email me, privately, at

Feel free. Thanks.

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