Late Fall At St. James Court – Louisville

I have written about St. James Court and the Belgravia areas of Louisville in the past – here and here – dealing with the history of the area and its onset as an exceptional Louisville neighborhood. Unbelievably exceptional, in fact. Also, the pictures then were all taken in the Summer when everything was blooming and gorgeous. This is about another season of this enchanting neighborhood and the Autumn here has become equally interesting to me. It’s late Fall now and 70% of the leaves have fallen. It serves as a stark but gorgeous reminder that Winter is on its inexorable way. The thing is, it sets a definite mood, somehow. It is all around, and it’s just encompassing.

There is something about the competing gaiety and the fascinating architectural diversity  in the local architecture – the rather thrilling excitement of a town, bursting at the seams, yet still concerned with beauty at the time of its establishment- admixed with Time, History and humanity itself to give such a mood. Somehow somber, we walked together enjoying the sights and smells in a quieter way than before – in many ways even more able to appreciate the architecture, yet still carrying the scent of things finishing for the year. You know – those days when Winter announces itself in no small way.

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Louisville Fall2 057

This picture above is Belgravia, an adjoining pedestrian thruway, attached to St. James Court and every  bit as interesting in every way if not more. Somehow, the rather forlorn appearance really nailed me while walking through. But then, of course, I had seen it at its height of Summer glory, too. I guess that’s it – the Exceptional somehow crashes into the Inevitable, as always, and Winter will soon drop its snow and ice and make what was an absolute riot of color and form into something indistinguishable from any old neighborhood.

Louisville Fall2 059

Back on St. James Court, it is even more stark

Louisville Fall2 062

Louisville Fall2 071

Louisville Fall2 106

The spiny, empty trees, devoid of their lushness with the passing of their leaves, present such a stark outline. The few remaining ones possessing any leaves at all are the yellow remains of the local Ginkgo Bilbao’s and the reds and greens  a couple of straggling Maples and oaks.

Louisville Fall2 064

Louisville Fall2 076

What always salvages any trip through this neighborhood, however, is the unparalleled craftsmanship devoted to the finishes of these gorgeous homes.  I totally misspoke in my despair about Winter coming. This neighborhood will always be unique and inspiring, in spite of nearly any amount of snow.

Louisville Fall2 055

The gorgeous finishing details of all the Turn-Of-The-Century artisans and craftsmen make this area well worth touring on any day:

Louisville Fall2 056

Wonderful Iron Work abounds:

Louisville Fall2 060

The details, the excellent painting choices of the current residents and owners, all lead to a very deep appreciation of the history and promise of the entire area, so well-maintained and so well-loved.

Louisville Fall2 096

The details are the thing. Even the brick and stonework.

Louisville Fall2 079

Take a stroll now……….and let’s just browse a bit.

Louisville Fall2 088

Louisville Fall2 058

Louisville Fall2 093

Louisville Fall2 101

Louisville Fall2 097

Louisville loves its history and it shows.

Now – if we could just get Santa Cruz weather!  😉

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