Reno Shade and Plantings

HPIM0394-800.jpgThis is yet another visit to Steve and Libby’s joint, the Bocce Ball kings and queens.  One of my all time fave projects, they are picturized throughout here, more than anything else because of the various aspects, nice, complex and reasonably well-designed by all parties.  Some nice conclusions and a fun and involving landscape.  The water feature in the next post is up there to the left of this picture.

When I began taking pics of my projects, I had to start at the raw completions of nearly all of them, waiting for results as time went by and things developed. Obviously, I now wish I had done all this much earlier.  So many hot places and things to show, all in differing climates with an amazing range of plant choices. At any rate, some of those are now developing into something worth following and it is gratifying and should add interest to a site like this one. I hope you enjoy.

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