Infinity Edge Pool: Looking Out

scan.jpgThis also ranks among my all-time favorite projects.  The view from the kitchen and sitting room windows has enough angle to it to reveal a lake to the lower right of this photo.  Thus, on a dialy basis, you get the sense of looking from water into water, just at different levels.  There a few interesting surprises to this water feature, especially inasmuch as it cascades down into what becomes another but more naturalistic series of falls into a small pool at the bottom, complete with another, more private patio.

The view here is pretty spectacular though, isn’t it?  This home has the perch to allow this dynamite view of Reno, Nevada in the distance.  Needless to say, there is more to see, not possible to catch in one mere photo.  The view spans about 240 degrees, across the valley onto the mountains leading to Virginia City to the East and to the Sierra Nevada’s to the West. When the fireworks go off in Reno at July 4th, Bo and Sandy entertain a huge party who can watch them go off at the various locations they do, simultaneously. The view is refreshing and expansive, sometimes breath-taking when the big Western Sky has clouds and thunderstorm action.  The sunrises are worth the price of the lot as well.

The photo and post following this one will show in more detail the view back towards this gorgeous house.  We used a fairly pricey brick paver for this project and I have to believe it was a totally correct choice.  Rustic yet colorful, the curving lines allowed by the antiqued edges meant a sinewy and involving complexity that also captures the eye.

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