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It’s funny how many people have asked me what a “Bubble Rock” is. I guess, since I have done so many, it just rolls off my tongue like any other noun. I even have a separate category all dolled up in the “Pages” section where you can see them all on their own. It might need some work. Hmmmm.

A “Bubble Rock”, in my lexicon, is a large rock which has had a hole bored through it. Now, what I like doing then is placing a water pump down near the bottom and sending water bubbling up through the top, thus the “bubble” feature. What gets accomplished is that these rocks then get very much featured, as not only the sound attracts attention, but then so do the innate colors and general features of the rock get highlighted as well. It goes without saying that many of these also have small spotlights on them at night – a groovy and very cool feature which adds a new and different dimension to the highlight. (Bear in mind, in many of these pictures – as always – they are taken as we complete projects. Therefore those little plants will look teensy-weensy. Believe me, they grow, later. We just get too busy to come back – or some fool forgets his camera when he does go back – all those things.)  😉

(left click any image to enlarge)


Their placement becomes important as well. Because of their inherent possible compactness, they can be put into some relatively small spaces. I put many up near entrances to homes, for example, where their bubbling and peaceful sound can be enjoyed by anyone entering.


Lopip BBR

Others, we put out back – in or around a patio, so that the owners can enjoy those same soothing sounds a bit more selfishly.


Terrible photo, but it reflects the sun so well, I had to include it. It spends much time looking very much like this.


A better look, with a better picture, check those tidy “monoliths” out in the distance here:

Doug and Ed 003

These are just a few items of “Bubble Rock” interest. There is always an ongoing urge for the sounds of water in landscaping. These I have found very satisfying to customers, especially with the wonderful new technologies available in coring holes of that length, and through such hard materials. In the end, there is no end of possibilities for an imaginative designer or homeowner. Find a great rock and you’re off to the races, the truth is.


Sometimes we just add to an existing flow of a bunch o’water. This is an extravagance, to be sure, but it sure looks wet!


6 thoughts on “More On Bubble Rocks

  1. I really do love reading your stuff. I like the pictures as well. It’s nice to be able to put what I’m reading in to some sort of perspective in my mind. I really love the “creek” in the last picture above. FREDDY

  2. I figure someone can come here for their “dirt fix”, Freddy, lol. Aint none of that “soul searchin'” stuff going on in here. Just a bunch of boring, hard work. That way, when you think about what was involved in making all this stuff, you can feel good about getting back to your job!

    I believe their is some 22 tons of rocks only we had to walk to the back yard in tree ball carts to make this “creek”. I am forever indebted to those idiots who carried it all for me! 😉

  3. WHEW! It makes me tired just to look at all that stone, besides all the rest! The wheel was such a wonderful invention. Looks good, very good.
    .-= Barbee’´s last blog ..True Story =-.

  4. Barbee, the Wheel was never treated better! I’m a believer! Hey, nice to see you again! Thanks for coming by.

  5. Ash, I visited your website and it looks like you are making it happen on Vancouver Island! You know, I lived on Cortes Island for a year once. I used to love the drive up the Coast, through Nanaimo, Comox and all that. Gorgeous stuff.

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