Infinity Edge Pool: Looking Back

Oct10$24.JPGHere is some detail around this backwards gander at the Infinity Edge pool as it abuts the patio.  Notice the cantilevered protruding curve into the pond itself.  It goes out about 3 feet, suspended over the water, hiding this big spotlight underneath which delivers and incredibly deep Azure Blue color at night.  The richness of the water feature’s night color is a major feature of this entire place.

The patio itself is huge, a bit more than 1,000 square feet.  As well, as mentioned in the prior post, the sights and sounds of water are everpresent as the water from this pool cascades over the infinity edge into a catch basin, then is centralized into the beginnings of a series of waterfalls like a creek below the edge.  It ends in another pond, hard by a patio where the homeowners like to  relax, 16 feet below the rest of the property and where they often enjoy a book or some wine, away from it all.

We made a very conscious effort to put the level of water less than an inch below the suspended pavers shown here.  It gives a shimmering feel to it all, especially at night, and it keeps the water level as close as possible to the actual level of the patio itself.  I felt this made the entire water edifice more inviting and sumptuous in general.

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