Undulating Wall – Before and After



Here is another before and after series.  This ‘before’ picture takes place after some work has already been completed, yet it also shows much of the process itself of grade-changing wall-making.  The goal during changing grades is to lessen the severity of the slope sufficienetly to allow for some form of activity to more comfortably take place, whether it be human activity or that of landscaping, simply made to enhance the plants’ abilities to survive as well to provide a general horticultural ambience. In this case, it also presented a structural sense of interest – and an attention-getting slice of beauty unconsidered from the top, looking down.

Now, when they look out, they see a civilized terraced atmosphere, more restful and far more interesting than staring at a hill leading up to the road.  The entire effect reduces the view to a more personal perspective and the plantings serve to deter the road noise from irritating the senses as well as become increasing more beautiful as the flowers develop and the years go by.

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