Formal Waterfalls

Formal waterfalls are constructions with more severe design restrictions, conforming to an overall desired shape, color or form rather than blending, organicly, with actual natural terrain, such as the natural waterfall constructions. What one gets in formal waterfalls becomes real architecture, 100%. Hopefully, of course, it too will “fit” in the landscape and not be some obnoxious interjected whimsical design flaw. Therein lies the delicacy of the design. There are so many examples of formal successes one can see almost anywhere. People have long searched for ways of integrating the sound and soothing motions of water into architectural projects. The effect of water on society is widely understood to be, if not peaceful, then entertaining in it’s own right. From the fountains of Europe to the waterfalls of Japan and China, gardens have exploited water, whether in an urban environment to those of private residences, and people will always continue to flock to its wonderful qualities.

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