Another After Shot

42_pic.jpgThis picture shows what is on the downside of the “Infinity Edge” pool we put together below.  What we needed was a collection point for the water which consistently spilled over.  By funnelling everything into a trough, then focusing the total amount of collected water to a central point, we were able to make the beginnings of a waterfall down into this private and sort of “secret area”, away from the madding crowd. We put in a patio at the bottom and these rock walls for plantings amid the severe grade changes which came with the property. This picture was taken at the beginning of the second year, so the plants have decidedly become more lush and vibrant since that time.

As a private area, it well serves as a sort of “retreat”.  Fully 12 feet below the upper grade, it reduces noise to a minumum and blends the trickling small creek’s sounds with those of the nature surrounding. The owners relax here and find it a refreshing place to sip a wine and read or snooze.  This is the “no phone” zone, a selfish sort of utter retreat from all things civilized and hurried in the outside world. A small Cinzano umbrella rising up through the table completes the scene nicely.

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