Work In Progress Phase 2: Antique Wagon and Vineyard

Oct12$84.JPGHere is the third phase of the posts I put up yesterday. Of some interest might be that ancient old buggy we picked up at an antique place.  Those things suddenly got very expensive!  But its definitely an authentic antique and actually pretty cool.  The grapes sort of hide it in Summers, especially now that they have developed, but it displays itself prominently for most of the year.

Notice, the sidewalk’s end.  A later picture will give a better perspective on it.  You can see a part of the creek to the left, at any rate, and the brand new plantings we put in at the time of this picture. This project worked out very well indeed, in my opinion.  And the home owner was and still is delighted.

2 thoughts on “Work In Progress Phase 2: Antique Wagon and Vineyard

  1. Thanks, gusher. I spent some time ignoring it, but now I am more able to tend to it. I appreciate your comment.

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