Finished Product


And here is the result of all that preparation work and angst.  These pictures show the gorgeous fall color we achieved with a combination of Maples and other species.  Some were developed specifically for Fall.  This late Summer series of pictures captures dramatically almost our entire intent in terms of plantings.

There are some seriously gorgeous Spring developers here as well, and many perennials hard by the house.  We essentially made it so that there is something blooming almost all the bearable outdoor year, and sometimes more than just a little. We also bore in mind the snow factor, especially inasmuch as this place is along the route up to Lake Tahoe, elevated and seriously subject to great quantities of snow.

The owner was delighted in every respect.  His view of things off the upper deck to the right looks down on his little empire like some Paradise.  The waterfall to the left is a gushing and powerful one, which creates some truly serious running and cascading water sounds.




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