Louisville Spring – My New Neighborhood

Spring hit here like a ton of bricks. After a long, long, long Winter the weather has finally relented, giving up a remarkably sunny and warm period where it seems every Spring blossoming tree known to man felt the urge to unite in color and extravagance and try and get it over with as soon as possible.

2 weeks ago, this was the scene along one of my normal walks:

(left click any image to enlarge. Click twice for more detail)

Louisville Feb '10 003

Which then evolved into this:

Louisville Feb '10 019

And then eventually this:

Louisville Feb '10 035

The Forsythia went hog wild, as normal:

Louisville Feb '10 041

And this is all the early stuff! Check out these Magnolia Soulangiana’s, especially well-represented here in the South (as well as their smells!! Man, who knew??):

Louisville Feb '10 033

Talk about overkill!

Louisville Feb '10 043

And look at this mess!!(Not that I’m complaining.)……..

Louisville Feb '10 068

But it is the park, designed for an optimal Springtime Show, that really moved me most. Check out this brief Time Lapse series, Daff’s and all, then enjoy Chinese Pears doing their thing, with a few native Redbuds in between. This is an extremely thoughtfully-designed park:

Louisville Feb '10 008

Louisville Feb '10 009

Louisville Feb '10 021

Louisville Feb '10 022

Louisville Feb '10 038

Louisville Feb '10 055

Note the grass has most certainly “Gone green.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Louisville Feb '10 054

Louisville Feb '10 083

Nice Park:

Louisville Feb '10 087

Louisville Feb '10 065

Here a native Redbud gets loose and ready for some brilliance. It is not at all unusual to see this tree studding any forest in Kentucky. Like the native Dogwoods, Redbuds are free and easy:

Louisville Feb '10 076

I think these Weeping Cherries are just magnificent as well –

Louisville Feb '10 058

Here is the larger version:

Louisville Feb '10 085

I promise to keep us all posted on the progress of these Dogwood trees:

Louisville Feb '10 081

Anything less would be uncivilized! ๐Ÿ™‚

Louisville Feb '10 075

7 thoughts on “Louisville Spring – My New Neighborhood

  1. These are some fantastic photos, are you sure you don’t also moonlight as a photographer? ๐Ÿ™‚

    The dogwoods are particularly beautiful this time of year, I’m glad to see they’re being appreciated. Do any of these photos capture any work you are doing or have done in the past?

  2. Remember “Smellevision”? LOL, too bad it folded like such an old wet sock, Pomona. But wait, I am being redundant!

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