Swimming Pool Pavers and Rocks

Here’s a project done a few years ago where we combinined forces with a swimming pool contractor in Reno. We installed the rocks and boulders at the edge of the pool as well as the pavers surrounding it. There is a jacuzzi to the right which is constructed from much the same material as the patio area.
It was a fascinating project. We inserted rebar and these angle iron pipes into the boulder to prevent eventual gravity and slippage problems, and cemented that iron into a more rigid structure,, deeper into the subsoil. The pool was them laid in around these.

The pavers were an outrageous paver type, very expensive, incredibly thick – 3 1/4 inches! The larger ones weighed a bunch, that much I remember. But the overall look meshed well with the Ponderosa Pine forest surrounding it. Nothing formal, just stones and “near” stones. It looked really terrific on it’s completion.

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