Same Pool Different Day

And here is the same pool from another perspective.

Here, the jacuzzi is obviously featured, complete with some little rascals! These were around the first days of actual swimming, so we definitely drew a crowd. Notice the pavers from the patio extend upwards onto the jacuzzi itself, an interesting and gorgeous touch. It ties the entire thing together so organically, to my mind. We also made the waterfall system to the left.

Of necessity, the waterfall needed the glaring white grouting, which I argued against, lol. This is for cleaning and general bacteriological purposes, so, in the end, I shut the heck up. It is slick and easy to clean and makes life better in general. Inasmuch, as it is the same system that fills and filters the pool water, I guess having the handiwork of a waterfall and some landscaping intruding inside should have been fine enough. Well, it was, for sure. This was a fascinating and satisfying gig, all the way around.

The client was happy, the family and friends, as shown above, obviously so as well. Cool job and cooler since we are at about 6,000 feet above sea level, about 1,500 higher than Reno proper, meaning on this Summer day and the sweltering days we worked there, it was far less hot in the shade of the Ponderosa Pines and at the higher level.

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