A Still Pond In The Forest

Oct10$22.JPGStill Pond

This gorgeous place is a still pond in the forest here in Portland.  I installed it with my merry band working for another company some time ago, but I felt its beauty and timeless peacefulness deserve many looks.   Interestingly, this picture was taken on the day we finally completed it, offering an already-mature scene without all the standard accouterments of the freshly-constructed.

It was a delightful place to work, absolutely stunning in its naturalness.  What was once a forest was now something entirely different. What is most astounding perhaps is the fact that a reasonable busy street is out the front door, offering this ultimately peaceful little scene to the very nice home owners who commissioned the work. I admit we fought with some elements, but the overall products was one of most satisfying ever.

2 thoughts on “A Still Pond In The Forest

  1. Hey Steve,
    What a tranquil looking place – an ideal place to escape to. I also liked the post on the construction of a waterfall, its amazing that something so beautiful can come from all the chaos!

  2. Thank you, Ross. I take that as a compliment from you, most gladly. Yeah, they used it, too. He would sit for quite a while down there in the ambiance he helped design, and meditate or just get away. Must be the hippie in him, lol. She was quite ill, Ross. I hope she is better now. It’s been years since I have seen them.

    On the issue of “chaos”…….One day I will write a post on what our poor clients are expected to endure. In actuality, I do warn them: “Landscaping is 80% mess and 20% finishing. Expect a war zone for a while.” I have learned to smile at this point.

    I really enjoy your blog, btw. Excellent stuff there. I’ll probably link it here, but will ask first. Thanks again!

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