Still Pond in the Forest Pt 3


Continuing on our theme garden of the moment the still pond’s “source” is shown here, originating out of the woods and providing a modicum of circulation with this babbling brook and small waterfall. Arranged to appear hidden, it provides a pretty cool sound and some movement in an otherwise absolutely silent environment. We laid a pipe underneath the water surface, spewing a good current below the surface in order to keep the lake at least somewhat freshly circulated.

The climatic circumstances in Portland are such that algae problems are not really an issue in such a shady spot as this. It is typically rather cool generally, but the deep shade provided by the forest certainly don’t lead to the algae problems that a place like Reno with all of its utterly consistent sun. (I miss it!) It must be rainin’, all over the world.

This was also taken the day of completion, by the way. The moss-covered wood and all those antique-looking aspect were carefully created to give an appearance of some permanence and “place”. I think we really nailed this gig.

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