Cutting A Circle Into Square Pavers: The Formal Place

I am actually not entirely sure what this will look like as I sit here typing. I had hoped to find an old photo showing more detail of the circular pattern we established at the entry to this home. While I suspect one can see if they look hard enough at the pattern towards the top of the picture, it may not give the intimate look I was hoping for. Alas, I’ll go ahead and see what I see here. (Later………if you click the thumbnail photo to enlarge it, for many it will have an additional enlarging capacity……click it again and this will give the best view.)

This project was noteworthy for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the labor we lavished on the pavers. This interesting design of pavers offers a ‘mottled-top’ look in a “tumbled” style, reminiscent, the owners hoped, of Italy. I think that much worked in its own way and they ended up very pleased as well. But what was far more wild was the cutting and fitting my foreman, Kenny, did on establishing this circular aspect as one approached the door.

Making circles in pavers is often a mere matter of ordering a “circle kit”, where they have pre-cut pavers made to precisely and meticulously fit into a radiating pattern, from the center out. However, this paver did not allow that. It had no template. What it implied was that we had to cut small radii, fit them into place and see if they worked. Balance and proportion were always an issue. Also, once fit satisfactorily, we then needed to shave the upper corners where they were cut and rough them up to match the “tumbled” appearance of all the other edges of this purposefully-‘antiqued’ design. Lots and lots of grinder work!

These pavers actually cover a concrete surface. The entire porch was formed and poured in a glaring white cement, especially glaring with Reno’s constant sunshine. We then glued each paver in place to the existing cement, giving the super solid structure of what you see here.

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