Final Pic Of The Itali-Formal Landscape

I do regret missing a certain much-missed batch of pictures which featured this place much better. Nevertheless, this one is a reasonable reflection of the style and the essence of our “formal garden” effort and I think it is represented effectively. It was precisely what the owners wanted in any event, so my job was a success in that very vital respect. To get even more “Italian”, we went positively “B.C.” in the series I show tomorrow: ‘The Grotto’.

I am sooo not a geek or even close to high tech, lol. But at least I do take credit for having the foresight to take the pictures supplied so far. Frankly, the entire blogging aspect surprises me with all its ramifications. It is actually some kind of wonderful. You readers will have to accept that part of my sense of place and what I often get most from landscaping efforts are views of “in-progress” and some “before” looks. The construction process can be interesting and educational. For me it invokes some pride and a sense of achievement, naturally enough. But it is always the learning that I care for most. I owe so much to so many people who have helped me learn about these landscaping and other matters. As one of my favorite philosophers, Eric Hoffer says:

“The central task of education is to implant a will and a facility for learning; it should produce not learned but learning people. The truly human society is a learning society, where grandparents, parents, and children are students together.”

“In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”

I’ve determined to update pretty much daily. I still have oodles of pictures to use and this blog may even take on a less technical and more personal character as time goes by. Since I began connecting with other bloggers, this entire galaxy of new people and intriguing and exciting ideas have borne an urge to continue that and to try to supply the same level of interest and stimulation for them as well. Other people, like you all, Brian and Billie Jo (gotcha!), down in Owensboro, I always like keeping you happy. I’ll start linking reciprocally soon, and give my friends who don’t blog a chance to see what I am talking about. For now, a good place to begin is in

2 thoughts on “Final Pic Of The Itali-Formal Landscape

  1. What a good post! And that quote is excellent. I never had seen it before, thank you. I may not be blogging as much for awhile – that horrible weed, Garlic Mustard, will take over if I don’t get out there and pull and dig it out before it drops its seeds. Hope it rains tonight so it will come out easier. Seeds are viable for 5 years, so I’ve read.

  2. Thanks, Barbee. LOL, on the mustard. I remember when I lived in Santa Cruz, California, it hit every January through March and it grew with it’s hair on fire….fast! The strawberry pickers in Watsonville spent a month on those alone, I bet.

    You just post. I love reading your stuff and seeing your place.

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