WetLands/Bog Gardens

When I lived in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, B.C., long ago, we often resorted to creating boggy spaces when confronted with drainage problems. I got fairly good at bog gardening then and became eager to use these in other ways, in fact, as ways to develop a different look and feel in a normal landscape. There are plants which grow here that one cannot place anywhere else. Granted, some of these can grow out of control. As I said, they really, really like it there. I am thinking some of the bamboos which we actually had to seriously thin in the project above. Nevertheless, flowering plants, bamboos, other lettuce-like planting, there are a wide and satisfyng variety of plantings to make one appreciate real bog gardens. Typically, also, we like placing some sort of swirling sculpture spraying water amid the bog, to recirculate, or to just plain aerate the water and keep it moving. The rainbow effects can be entrancing.

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