A Brick Paver Driveway in Reno

We were asked to change a very broken-down concrete driveway into something nicer to look at by this very nice gal, Marion. She was very self-conscious about her home and its appearance and she had become tired of patching the constant breakage of her cement driveway and patio out back. People would come by to “repair” the drive and then finish with at least 3 different colors of cement left behind. It did look bad, for sure.

So we gabbed about it all and made arrangements for myself and one other guy to replace the works with new pavers. It was Winter in Reno and we were not entirely geared up yet to open up the year, so I went for it with my good Kiwi friend, Greg, who was also between gigs and with whom I had a very spirited dart competition. So we agreed and I went with her to select the colors.  I felt we came up with a good match for her house and roof. Unfortunately, I could not talk her out of replacing the edging, so we were beset with using a rather red loopy brick on the outer edges. It turned out, they had some sentimental value to her and, in the end, it was not the worst thing in the world. So – we went to work!

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To save on costs, we arranged for a one day trucking operation to haul away everything we tore out. It led to a bit of a scheduling and staging problem, but then it always does. We combined the materials we got from the side walkway and rear patio and added it to a “hole” we created in the existing driveway. Another look:


Needless to say, it got bigger, both the “hole” and the material pile –


The way we loaded to one side left her still able to park inside the garage for a few extra days. But, eventually, we needed it all – the bricks on their pallets alone took up a tremendous amount of room. And, since we squeezed all the work into just me and another guy doing all the work, needless to say the process was a bit longer than would normally be the case. Still, we were in and out in about 2 weeks.


There was also the issue of the  sidewalk and the patio to the rear to replace which were also very broken up over the time of their existence. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the patio pictures, but here is a ‘before and after’ of the sidewalk to the back:


And after: (note the Channel Drain running across the entire driveway. It goes to the left in this view, fed into a pipe taking it away. This was yet another diabolically-designed home with a street higher than the home itself.)


And here are views of the finished product. The first one is taken before we applied the sealer.


And then we have the truly finished product in all it glory. Marion was delighted, needless to say. We were too. 😉


Very simple design, really, but it sure made the home look different and far more “in place”, especially considering what she had prior to our efforts.


It really wouldn’t be one of my pictures if I didn’t have another doggone hose in the way now, would it?

5 thoughts on “A Brick Paver Driveway in Reno

  1. In my not so humble opinion, The double herringbone does not work on a vehicular application. Joints that exceed(opinion) 8 or so inches will shift less often than a 24 inch joint.
    Johnny–owner/operator IN-EX Creations Pittsboro NC.

  2. Huh?? I hate saying this, but that didn’t make any sense. The “joints” in this application are more like 1/16th of an inch apart, lol. And they are sand-filled.

  3. Herringbone is one of the strongest patterns you can lay. The more pavers each paver touches the higher the strength, according to ICPI, here each paver touches 6 other pavers.

    I like the final look with the wet look sealer. It really makes the pavers pop. Do you seal all of your installs?

  4. Almost all of them, yes. But at times, there are the budget issues which clients face. My real interest in sealing is often just a desire to set the sand at a level where it is attractive. The glossy stuff, especially in Reno, for example, is touchy owing to glare and the constancy of the Sun. An eastern-facing glossy-sealed paver patio can make for some serious curtain pulling.

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