Garden Walls/Blocks

Walls in a landscape typically follow functional guidelines. Foremost, they usually retain some grade change behind them, as in a slope of some kind. Walls create useable space on hillsides, reducing a sloped hillside, for example, to flat, useable, liveable space. In this, they also thereby create promising attractions for landscape designing. A pretty garden wall can enhance the look of any landscape and is an opprotunity to have a gorgeous feature, complete with a pretty wall itself and plants cascading over it. The materials used are as varied as paving surfaces. Garden wall blocks come in an incredible variety of forms and colors. They can be huge or reasonably small. Rock walls are another category of walls I will address later and are yet another form of grade changing and expansion. I view all wall structures as marvelous opportunites. In creating more space, and by inserting these horizontal lines in a desgin, the eye feasts on the results. It is a very prominent feature, any time, and walls can add so very much.

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