Look, Ma No Grotto!

So here is a look back from the driveway. The Garden Grotto featured in the posts prior to this is back behind this young grove of ornamental “Shirotae” Cherries. The lawn we mounded somewhat and placed a few boulders in, just to break up the lines a bit and to provide some interest. The dog here I thought I might remove, but I like looking at him, knowing he stole so many of our lunches just to remind me I will probably outlive him. A true cur he was, too, although he sucked up well, lol. Hey, we run into lots of these guys. They tend to show up for lunch times, expressing their uncanny political abilities by almost always achieving some sort of edible treat. Naturally, then they make a habit out of it. This one became quite the “pal”. And he gained weight on this project, I am willing to bet. 😉

This home also had cement edge stripping installed around all of its grass lawns. I believe there was something like 1,200 feet in all. It makes a very perfect edge and is ten times easier to maintain. Sturdy and long-lasting, the tires of a lawn mower can rest in it while mowing without any ill effect. It also addresses the tendency of bluegrass to rhizome outward and make it far more controllable. I love the stuff, myself.

2 thoughts on “Look, Ma No Grotto!

  1. thank you for taking a look at my blog! i would love to live in the sylvan woodlands for a year, or 2, ad henry david thoreau did in Walden. “shirotae” cherries are stunning, my neighbors yard is adorned i them! the grotto is wonderful as well.

  2. Thanks, Alec. I love your blog, dude. It lets me remember what school was like all those long years ago, lol. But you have a great gardening sense and I really appreciate it. Come back, y’hear?

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