Some Nearly Final Words On Boulders

Not all boulders are alike.

The Asian Section

Some even have titles of their own – “Shibumi Rocks” dot Japanese landscapes like these impressive doyens of timelessness who corner the market on Time itself. Many times, these gorgeous billions-of-years-old guys actually are the landscaping. These are the understated attention-getters who supply some peaceful perspective on those who pass and which abide in their Eternal reliability. Unless they fall over, of course. 😉

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Other ‘rocks’ also fill this bill but in a far more bio-morphic – almost human way. Maybe even more to the point – in somewhat monstrous and unusual ways. The Chinese have perfected the art of placing boulders which are amazingly evocative. These things gather impressions for the more active parts of our imaginations as we get riveted by their near supernatural shapes. They probably most resemble those wild forms in the clouds we so often imagine resemble something we relate to. One can see shapes and guises for all sorts of imagined creatures and things in these amazing stones. That they fit so well into landscapes makes it even weirder somehow. The picture below is a “softened effect” as we see where the balance of plant and rock makes a fine compromise.


Somewhere else inside the Portland Chinese Garden, we get a different take or two. These suckers are plain bizarre:


These incredible stones and their distinctly unusual messages come naturally for them. There are formations which feature these sorts of stones and which occur in Nature there. The Chinese who send for these are the exporters for very specific and limited environments like these gardens which they themselves construct.


I could look at these all day:


But that is China and Japan. In both cases, they are able to work with what they have in their natural geologic environment. I recall, having worked on this garden, the stockpiles of these stones as they arrived and as they were put into storage. I was eager to see how they expected to use them in the garden. I now think their placement was perfect.

Pictures Chinese Garden 029

Through a hole they look sweet – not the first hole, either!:



The North American Section

Over here, we deal with a range of rocks and boulders which are really every bit as diverse, if not quite as weird in the same ways. We do have remarkable Shales and Limestones in the Eastern US which give us innumerable creative outlets. The stratified nature of limestone lends it to stacking and to flat planes. These are particularly impressive when used for water features, as these pictures from the corporate headquarters of Papa John’s Pizza illustrates – one of our favorite local Louisville walks.

Bernheim Spring 011

Stacked, they make wonderful rockeries and informal walls for the surrounding foliage to fill out magnificently:

Bernheim Spring 010

Here is a fabulous example of tasteful placement:

Bernheim Spring 007

I’ve always loved this perspective of the sets of waterfalls at Papa Johns’:

Bernheim Spring 019

Moving towards Jeruselum………………….we encounter another perspective………as the sounds of thousands of gallons of water plummet over rocks and fall……

Bernheim Spring 023

Until we come to that place where we see what the ruccus is all about:

Bernheim Spring 027

It’s way well worth the walk:

Bernheim Spring 029

I’ll have to dedicate an entire post to this place soon.

Meanwhile…………..this guy is trouble with a Capital T:

Bernheim Spring 082

Hopefully, it will be a while until he gets the key to my boat:

Bernheim Spring 064

My brother Tom would be mad:   😉

Bernheim Spring 063

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  3. Hi Steve
    I love your gardens…and particularly the chinese flower paths…can I ask where the thin curved flower shapes between the stones come from…I have searched without success…
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