First a Model

This was a model home we dressed up for a real estate company/builder we worked for. They were looking for some special pizazz with a laundry list:  waterfall and small pond, a bridge over from cement, stamped concrete finish in an appropriate color, but “different”. It was a pretty cool gig, actually, with lots of license to do our own thing.  You can make out the little falls there at the right, nothing spectacular but running, providing motion and some not-too-overwhelming sounds for the home shoppers walking in. It was a fabulous success and won a couple of awards.

I have come to using Atlantic Cedar a lot around my water features, in particular the weeping variety. It’s hard to make them out, I guess, in these pictures, yet they expand nicely and are just a natural color, in my opinion, near water. The use of pastels in the  fundamental elements here called for the color as well.

2 thoughts on “First a Model

  1. Wow – you did an impeccable job on that house. I noticed you mentioned putting in a small pond, and wanted to make sure you knew to call 811 before starting any digging project, no matter how small. Since you’re a professional, I’m sure you’re familiar with 811, and wanted to see if you would pass this important information onto your friends. You can check out our site for some info: Thanks!

  2. You’ll be glad to know I call for locates before I do any project, and I appreciate the head’s up. You guys save money for everyone, in the end.

    And, I have to ask this………. are you here on working time scoping out my eye candy? 😉 Say yes………flatter me some, lol.

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