Pavers and Pools

The picture above features some very rustic-looking pavers surrounding a swimming pool. I often go for a more rough look around pools just to blend with the surrounding landscape. This particular home was hard by the mountains in Reno, Nevada and was subject to some pretty hideously awful Winter weather. Snowfalls, rains, freezing and thawing meant pavers were a much better idea of a surface than pouring cement. However, one can use the glossier, multicolored and elegantly-placed and lined pavers just as easily. There are some marvelous results from this as well. A glossy sealant makes it even more attractive. The pavers were also used vertically, attached to the jacuzzi as a wall. This was a very satisfying project.

2 thoughts on “Pavers and Pools

  1. Tracey, we work closely with a local pool builder. No, I don’t do pools, as a rule, but I love dressing them up. This one had a real long creek that appeared to “feed it”, all the way around the house to the front yard. We did do the waterdalls, however, plus we set in the large boulders that are inset into the pool.

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