Pavers and Stamped Concrete

This is the same home featured elsewhere in this blog, a personal favorite of mine. Just like so many of the pictures I post in this blog, this one was taken either during the construction itself or soon thereafter. It is the unfortunate nature of the business that one seldom revisits the projects one has finished, owing the the dire need to keep the business grooving along at the next project. The, when you do get back, you either forget the camera or you have such an interesting time, you leave happily, remembering you forgot to take pictures until 25 miles later, lol. I cannot even imagine how satisfying it would be to have about 10 years worth of pictures which, in my youthful idiocy and rampant ambition, I did not bother taking. I assume this is the reason we see so few landscaping blogs. I know I am like many guys for sure, who finish one, then move to the next, planning the next, and so on.

This picture I am using to illustrate two methods of surfacing a hard surface, more than anything else. What you see here is a long driveway done in “stamped concrete”. I love the look of “stamped”, myself. The concrete arrives already colored or can be colored at the surface with yet other colors by strewing a penetrating powder which stains the cement and makes for amazing naturalistic and bizarre color arrangements. Obviously, this one was pretty much one color. If you look closely, you can see the concrete surface is indented with some interesting imprintations, ‘stamped’ with flexible stamping sheet while still wet and barely malleable…….made to look nearly ‘natural’, adding interesting texture to what was once merely boring old cement.

The pavers on this project were custom-colored at the manufacturer. Obviously, it was done to match the cement. I’ll show a few more views in time, pretty interesting ones which will show the pavers encircling the entire large home.

“Hardscaping” has really caught my fancy and has for years. “Hardscaping” is anything beyond the dirt, water features and lawns itself, from patios and walkways, to benches and surfaces of all sorts. The possibilities are endless, as can be seen in the few pictures I show. There is some truly amazing stuff going in out there.

Incidentally, most of these pictures will enlarge more than once. By clicking the picture, you can see the enlarged view. Then, click again and you can get some pretty good detail.

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  1. That is exactly what I have wished for to replace our driveway (where the ants live in many condos underneath), and our crumbling brick front and back walkways. I am glad to see that someone has been able to afford you who can do it correctly. Most attractive!

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