Around The House in Pavers

This picture runs around the other side of the home continuing the pathway begun at both driveway parts shown in the prior posts.  Since this was taken, there were even more pavers added towards the top of this photo and out to the horse barns.  For those who wonder, yes, it was an extravagant use of pavers but the guy got a great deal not only on the cost of the pavers because he buys in bulk but also on the work itself, inasmuch as he is a builder who can promise good-paying work elsewhere on his own projects.  Yeah, lol, that is indeed how it works. Fortunately, he is also a good guy, as is his wife who competes in 100 mile horse races and who was a concert pianist in another, earlier life….

The pathway is lit by those small square white paver lights, embedded throughout the path itself and even the driveway as well.  This home is definitely out in the “boonies”.  The night skies are amazingly clear and starlit, one of those Big Western Sky places of amazing clarity.  But that means it can be amazingly dark, too.  The lights function as security aids in the sense that one can find his way in those dark evenings.

Here is the connecting bit tying all those pathways together.  This is the patio/courtyard, where those bubbles rocks seen in an earlier post are located.  Entertaining 100 people is a snap for these guys, the patio is huge and pretty informal, perfect for this couple and perfect for the setting. Obviously, the views are breath-taking, with the Sierras visible out the front and snow-capped for much of the year.

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