Geographical Things: Oregon Waterfalls

I saw another blog ( where Jodi, the resident excellent blog writer asked for geographical descriptions of the places people lived. I have been among the luckiest people in the world, I am convinced, because I have always been lucky enough to live in beautiful places. Growing up in Kentucky, there was always the amazing 4 distinct seasons, and especially the Springs and Falls. I swear, Spring in Kentucky is the single most wonderful season I can even imagine anywhere. Especially after their harsh Winters are done with, the native Dogwoods and Eastern Redbuds, the budding greenness in its various stages make the air redolent with gorgeous smells and fabulous sights.

I now live in Oregon, Portland to be exact. The waterfall pictured above is about 6 miles from my house. It is one of about a dozen that cascade off the rim of the Columbia River Gorge, down into the mighty Columbia River. Here is a shot of the Gorge itself, looking back from pretty much where it ends at its Western terminus, near Portland:

The sheer plateaus on each side provide some pretty interesting effects, among them a ridiculous abundance of waterfalls. Of course, the fact that the rain seems never-ending can make a waterfall out of a driveway, lol, so they do cheat a little.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, down the road a bit, we have a few more………. Bear in mind these are no farther than 20 miles outside of Portland, proper. There is a small “system” of waterfalls draining the plateau above which amazed and delighted tourists and locals for a century now or more. Most of these falls were once on private land, now donated to the state. Here is a famous one, Multnomah Falls, seen in many tourist postcards and such. Following that is just another ole waterfall, seen this time from the top. Watch your step! ;-):

There are waterfalls all over the place. Naturally, that appeals to me hugely, being a constructor of water falls for decades now. I guess being a Cancer makes that happen, lol. Water sign and all that. For sure, I have a huge interest in water and water features as can been seen by my blog. Maybe it was all in the stars……..whatever, I just love water in a landscape. To me it can be placid or massive and roaring, I can and have done both. Obviously Oregon is a slice of heaven for me and that’s just the water fall aspect. In closing, here are some shots of my all time favorite: Silver Falls. Located south by about 60 miles, it also drains a humongous plateau, but this time in a series of 11 falls, all remarkably similar with Silver Falls standing out owing to the ability to walk behind it, right at the falls level. You get wet, but how cool is that?

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  1. LOL, Barbee. I went out one afternoon with a friend and we got these pictures. He’d never seen Silver Falls before and he was stunned. He’s a native, too. My daughter and I discovered this little spot years ago and it has always been special for reasons other than just its beauty. But it sure has that.

    How cool to see a waterfall from the top, eh?

  2. beautiful pictures I had no idea how lovely Oregan is. how lucky you are to have experienced them . Thanks for sharing.: )

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