Infinity Edge Waterfalls

This is a really cool item. The homeowners asked me to provide an “Infinity (also “Disappearing”) Edge Waterfall”, in their backyard, which would appear, from their living room, to fall into the large pond about a quarter mile down below. The old “water into water” routine. Fortunately, it worked! It is composed of concrete, for the most part, and has a cantilevered edge at the house side. These constructions are challenging as heck but very satisying, in the end. This one worked out well. I will post the downside of this in another blog, later, but I can tell you it is collected and focused into yet another, naturalistic waterfall which runs by a patio and is below the grade at the top, making yet another and more private seating and picnic area. The lady of the house loves reading by the creek! A very bright light inside the upper blue pond makes for a surrealistic nighttime effect. Very fun.

2 thoughts on “Infinity Edge Waterfalls

  1. He also puts a Christmas tree right smack in the middle at Christmas time. It shimmers over the water and seems to stand alone, real neat, with the electric blue lights underneath.

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