Bubble Rocks – Basalt Crystals

Bubble Rocks are charming and primitive at the same time. The ageless beauty of stone, fired from the earth itself and suddenly cooled into crystalline structure is at the basis of the entire Basalt story. The color range is endless as is their shape, although that same crystalline nature is never a secret.


The above¬† grouping comes from the catalog at Pond and Fountain World (my new blog addy here), featuring polished basalt on all sides. They are susceptible to some seasonal acquisitions, but one can always adapt. The fact is, almost any stone can be drilled. Diamond Blade technology has progressed remarkably to such an extent that boring holes in pretty much anything is a given these days.Below are some other possibilities in the ‘Bubble Rock game’, projects I have installed myself: (click these to enlarge)

Doug and Ed 100

These two were both collected and assembled in Reno, Nevada or thereabouts. But the principles apply everywhere. It’s just the back grounds – and maybe the foregrounds – which change. Dressing Bubble Rocks is always fun. The Mare’s Tail plants at the foot of the clustered bubble rocks below really enhance the overall effect and continued to do so as time ran on.


It is pretty phenomenal, in the end, what a little pump and some water can do to bring out colors and create a meaningful and inspiring spot in a home’s landscape. Whether one draws up a favorite chair for Summer reading, or whether one wants to just sit, watch the water trickle across the face or maybe snooze off to the running water sounds, it’s all pretty darn nice.


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