More Rhododendrons in Portland

As if I could not get enough, I have now expanded my picture-taking of local Rhodies to another 3 whole blocks! Honestly, they are all over, making it easy to do and just keeping the adoration of this flower at my usual fever pitch. So, without further ado:

And here is a giant one. I had to do a double-take checking this one out. It was a total surprise. It is about 12 feet high:

I almost neglected the poor, miserable Azaleas, so in an effort to correct that, I include these creatures too just to say I did: (the first is obviously a “Mollis”)

And this one a bit more Japanese:

And an Exbury Hybrid, a favorite of mine always:

And a Rhododendron to close with..opening might be shocking, lol:

(If you double click, you’ll need a drive-in theater)

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