Before and After – Eye Candy Revisited

Everybody loves a change! Once again we go with the changes wrought inside landscapes as provided by either the erstwhile landscaper, moving dirt from one place to another – or by Time itself, letting things be what they become.

First the dirt and a landscaper, rendering sense out of this mess –

(click on any image to enlarge)


Looking backwards, I think it cleaned up real nice:

Doug and Ed 021

This one had an intimidating beginning –


And got even weirder – whew – lots of work!


But it also came out OK, I think –

Doug and Ed 188

It’s amazing what a little grass and a few plants can do:

Doug and Ed 020

Or some pavers, for that matter. Here’s the rather “raw” look:


And now for something a bit more finished:

Doug and Ed 103

Same deal, different day:

From this:


To this: (handsome photographer, no extra charge!) 😉

Doug and Ed 096

At times, especially at the beginning of projects – and especially so for smaller crews – the work seems endless……….one goes home at night, knowing darn good and well where one will be the next day. (This, I might add, serves as an understatement!)


Face it, it’s a long way from the above to this:


But interesting!


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