Once More Around Crystal Springs Park

One more trip around the park with it’s Rhododendron theme. I may post pictures of plants other than rhodies, I haven’t made up my mind yet. Hey…….it’s my blog. 😉

Spiring has finally arrived, possibly because of a few nasty letters I wrote. I am not taking full credit, but, well, there it is. Just the same, the long-lasting and cool Spring has meant a flurry of floral activity here, with some prolonged blooming time. So I guess all was not lost.

OK, I have decided to vary into the unthinkable: things other than rhododendrons. Take this creek for example……… or the interesting maple following that and it’s totally Copper/Burgundy background. That’s a Japanese Maple with Copper Beech behind it.

A total favorite Viburnum of mine had always been the “Double File”. I have put them all over. Unfortunately, they never did great in Reno, owing to a liking for more acidic soils and the need, like the rare rhodies planted there, for Northern Shade and wind protection. In other words, up against the house on the North side, lol, and almost literally no where else without dense shade and a fence. But I think my reasons for liking the plant are obvious:

And, from a non park source, straight from my neighborhood:

Just one more…………….back to those boring Rhodies:

4 thoughts on “Once More Around Crystal Springs Park

  1. Thanks, Chey. I love digital cameras. They make me look good which I am not, lol. It’s Spring and I really feel it. We’ve waited a while here, so I couldn’t wait to get these.

  2. My 7 year old son has been asking me the name of these beautiful trees that line a mile long road leading to his school. I wasn’t sure but found a picture on this site. I can now tell him they are dogwood trees. Great photos!!

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