Musical Interlude – More Joe & Anoushka

Joe Zawinul has long been my most under appreciated musician of my lifetime. Then again, I could be wrong. He is strong in those who loved his work. As I have mentioned elsewhere, he came to the U.S. to go to school to study music, whereupon he was told he actually didn’t need school. Cannonball Adderly agreed. So did Miles Davis.

From there, his path through the world of music included establishing the insanely good jazz band, Weather Report – and a new type of sound and music. Later work with his own bands merely cemented his status as one of the giants in modern music. He played a World Music which was really that.

Here a famous international conductor takes his music, a few of his band mates and performs a juicy rendition of one of my favorite tunes: “Tower of Silence”.

Since I’m going so strong, here’s an added tune from Anoushka Shankar, with an Irish accompaniment – also interestingly orchestral!

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