Can I Get A Show Of Hands?

How many of us miss Spring? And if you are psychic, feel free to raise my hand. 😉

Yeah, I want to see me some Tulips, I confess. I realize I am whining. I post all this fully aware I am lamenting reality in favor of hoping for some unrealistic mess. I am just that bad about Winter – that’s all I want to say.

One could say I “don’t do Winter well.”

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Bernheim Spring 035

Man, I guess my biggest complaint is that this Winter began about a month early, by my reckoning, making it seem somehow all the more remote. I miss Dogwoods. Seeing them again will make my Millenium.

I’d go to a graveyard for the pleasure of just a few blooms.

Bernheim Spring 060

Or a park………….

Bernheim Spring 197I’m, easy that way……..

Bernheim Spring 209

Heck, my own local walks can be just breath-taking enough for pure unadulterated joy of living on this sometimes very cool planet…….

Bernheim Spring 020

I guess I’ll have to gab with Abe about it all. He often provides words of wisdom for pretty much anyone who’ll listen…….. He’s a Winter buddy of mine.

Louisville Feb '10 028OK, I’m done with my rant………….sigh.

Mom’s waiting for me over by the Imaginary Magnolia Soulangiana’s. Better go say hi.

Bernheim Spring 071

2 thoughts on “Can I Get A Show Of Hands?

  1. Ha ha, Allan. Then I accomplished my mission! And, sure, it’s a great consolation. You know misery loves company! 😉

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